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Review for Google Home Max

The Google Max is one of the two smart speakers that was released in the Google October 4 event. It’s the bigger and better version of the two and the price indicates that as well. To find out more about this speaker including the Google Home Max Qatar price and specs, continue reading.

Bigger Than Most of the Smart Speakers

While most of the smart speakers looks different than a typical speaker, you can tell right away that it’s a speaker. It’s quite big in size and is also really heavy about 11-pound. Although it’s really big in size, it can nicely blend in with rest of the furniture in your room thanks to the mesh fabric used to hide the drivers. Google Home Max release date QatarTo help you find the touch-friendly sensor on the speaker, there is a small line on top of this smart speaker. It can help you to control volume or skip a song if you are not eager to control this speaker with your voice. For those of you who are looking for something smaller, there is the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot you can check out. These are also quite cheap compared to the Google Home Max Qatar price.

New Smart Sound Technology

To make sure the Google Home Max can make the best out of its surroundings depending on where you place it, it comes with a new technology called Smart Sound. It can optimize your listening experience by detecting the size of the room, its own location and time of day. This smart speaker can also detect if you move the speaker and evolve over time thanks to built-in machine learning. Moreover, it can also change and fine-tune different settings depending on the type of content you are playing using media equalization. As this speaker includes two 4.5-inch dual-excursion woofers and two custom 0.7-inch tweeters, it’s hard Google Home Max Qatar Pricenot to like Google Home Max as a true speaker. It will be interesting to see how it performs compared to the Apple HomePod after the Google Home Max release date Qatar.

Multiple Ways to Connect

Users get multiple options for playing music from their preferred devices: streaming song over Wi-Fi, playing over Bluetooth or directly plugging in devices using a stereo cable as there is 3.5mm jack. Music services like YouTube Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora and Tunein are compatible with this speaker. If you want to enjoy multi-room audio, you will need a Chromecast Audio. The Google Assistant is also there and it can handle tasks like ordering pizza from Domino’s or playing Netflix contents on TV. A good number of third party apps and services are supported by Google Home Max at the moment but you will need a Chromecast and other smart devices to make the most out of these features.

Google Home Max Qatar Price

This is where things are not looking good for this smart speaker, it’s price. The Google Home Max is really expensive and will be available for QAR 1500 when it’s here. The Google Home Max release date Qatar is expected sometimes in December, 2017.

Things we loved about the Google Home Max:

  • Supports a large number of popular audio formats
  • Great design and audio quality
  • Connect to multiple devices easily

Things we didn’t like about this smart speaker:

  • Quite expensive compared to its competitors
  • Tidal and Apple Music is not supported
  • Surprisingly heavy

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