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Review for Google Home

There was only one smart home device available so far featuring a personal digital assistant and now we have another device to look forward to: Google Home. This Amazon Echo like device is a voice-activated personal assistant that can work as your very own Google. You get a Siri-like assistant which we have already seen in a smart home device as Alexa. To learn more about this device including Google Home Qatar price and specs, keep reading.

Ok Google!

Just like we say Ok Google for activating our Android tablets or phones for a voice search or other requests, we can Google Home release date Qatarcommand the Google Home. We can ask this voice-activated speaker/assistant to do some searching for us or ask it to perform some tasks. It’s integrated with some of the popular radio, music or podcasts services like TuneIn, Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Play Music and Pandora. There won’t be a lot of service available right after its launch but it will increase. However, if the Google Home Qatar price is not an issue for you and want a robot like smart home device, there is the Asus Zenbo and Jibo you can check out.

Control Your Smart Devices Easily

Using Google Home, you get to control smart devices like Philips Hue, Chromecast and Nest just like you can control this smart home device using voice. The number of supported devices are very limited but it will expand with time. To make sure the device can hear you accurately, the smart home device comes with far-field microphone paired Google Home Qatar Pricewith natural language processing. There is a mute button on the speaker with touch controls on top which makes it easy to control this device. The Hi-Fi speaker integrated with this device can provide rich bass and it’s customizable as well. If you are willing to wait for the Google Home release date Qatar, there are seven different colors to look forward to.

Multi-room Use Support

Thanks to the multi-room support, users can play a song and hear the same song in different rooms. If you already own Chromecast or Chromecast Audio, it will be easy for you to sync these devices to enjoy the same music everywhere in your room. Chromecast already supports over 100 apps which means you don’t have to worry about limited number of apps in Google Home. You get an Alexa like voice operating Google Assistant which supports asking questions like “What is 52 percent of 72?” or fetching your plans from hotel booking or flight reservation emails. Unlike Amazon Echo, you can ask follow up questions. For example, if you ask about an actor, you can ask further about the movies he has been in.

Google Home Qatar Price

This is another place where the Google Home beats Amazon Echo. You can get the Google Home for about 600 QAR when it’s here. The Google Home release date Qatar is expected sometimes after 4 November.

Things we loved about the Google Home:

  • Works seamlessly with a lot of smart devices
  • Far-field microphones with Hi-Fi speakers
  • Affordable price tag

Things we didn’t like about the device:

  • Google Home will include limited number of app integration at the time of launch
  • There are some cooler companions available that can move as well

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